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December 9, 2019

“Useful and handy email campaigning products. They made a great difference to my business profits. Many Thanks!”
Aspen Fissel

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Does Sending Bulk Emails Justifies Your Marketing Strategy

As, the marketing strategies have gone through noticeable changes, according to the changing times, email marketing is gaining more and more popularity, in the current pretext. The trend of email marketing has changed the way people used to contact the common man, with the perspective of earning their good will gesture, and influence them to buy their product and services. Today, the businessmen do not have to remain confined to the face to face contact with the limited people, nor they have to send letters to the large number of people. Rather, all the contact building campaign is carried out simply, by sending bulk emails to the relevant group of people, at a time. This is accepted to be the most influential and cost-effective way of expanding the reach among the masses, in a little time. E-mail Progen takes care to simplify the cumbersome job of gathering the emails from the similar websites, and sending the emails, one by one. Our range of software products help to solve the various purposes of email marketing, in an efficient and effective manner.

The new users can learn the fundamentals of email marketing software and experience the benefits of accomplishing the time-consuming steps of preparing the mailing list and sending bulk emails to the masses. Interestingly, there are many features, which makes E-mail Progen an extraordinary brand name:

  1. The software helps you to ensure that the email address on which the mail is being sent is valid, by using the option of Email Validation.
  2. The software can even check the content of the draft of your email with its spam detection technique.
  3. The advanced feature of our software allows you to schedule the time for bulk mailing, as per the requirement. Therefore, you will get the flexibility of choosing whether you want to send your newsletter on the monthly, weekly or the daily basis.
  4. It will be easier for you to detect the undelivered emails, and cross check the issues related to that particular mail recipient, in the past.
  5. Besides various other advantages, E-mail Progen provides the independence to block some particular person from sending any email in the future.

If, we focus on listing the advanced features of the software, you will certainly be overwhelmed to experience them practically, as the user. In fact, it will be a great idea to explore the newer dimensions which can be added to email marketing, apart from sending bulk emails. May be, you can get the best returns for the investment done, on the purchase of this software.

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