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December 9, 2019

“Useful and handy email campaigning products. They made a great difference to my business profits. Many Thanks!”
Aspen Fissel

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Intensify Your Marketing Campaign With The Help of Mass Email Sender

The majority of businesses rely on email marketing as a part of their Internet marketing tactics, to create brand awareness, earn credibility and improve their sales quotient. Since, the advancement in the field of software development has influenced the people from different walks of life the email marketing professionals haven't been left untouched by the benefits of the mass email sender. This software has proved to be quite efficient in handling the mass mailing campaign, and help any organization to penetrate the market with greater confidence. It is true, that email marketing provides a base to promote the business by getting into the direct touch with the targeted audiences. It plays key role to grip the existing customers and earning the new ones.

A reliable mass mailing software will allow you to generate hundreds of hits on your commercial website, because it can draw the attention of around 50,000 email recipients per hour. Isn't it amazing?

Features And Advantages of Mass Mailing Software

  • Emailprogen is capable of verifying the email address before sending emails.
  • This excellent tool can auto check any spam content in your email, with the help of SpamAssassin technique, and help you to rectify the draft of your email.
  • You can even use this software to draft your emails and set the email sending schedule, as per your requirement.
  • In the improved version of this amazing mass mailing software, the users can add up to 13 dynamic variables, so that they can mention the necessary contact information such as the Name, Company, Address, Fax and Phone number, etc.
  • The software help to keep a track of the history of sent mail, and the email failure notification.
  • The user can unsubscribe any number of individuals from the mailing list.
  • It is possible to define groups of email recipients, and you can even modify, add, or delete the recipients in the different mailing groups. 
  • The mass email sender allows you to import the addresses from a directory, .txt or .csv file. Similarly, the selected addresses can be exported as .txt or .csv file to your system.
  • Most importantly, the users can make use of the email templates to provide professional looks to emails. You can choose from 8 specially designed templates that will help you to mark a strong impression on the reader.
  • You can insert the company logo or any other images to the drafted email, which will help you to personalize the email content.
  • The mass mailing software can handle the attachments, so you can attach any file or document along with your email.
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