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January 23, 2020

“Useful and handy email campaigning products. They made a great difference to my business profits. Many Thanks!”
Aspen Fissel

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Bulk Email Marketing: The Advantages

What is Bulk Email Marketing?
Bulk email marketing is sending of mass emails to a pre-defined list of people who have agreed to receive such mails. As many people get confused by this term, this is not spamming if you have a list of people you want to send promotional mails to. Bulk email sending is a very strategically planned move towards email marketing. It is a form of direct marketing and is highly successful in today's era. However, in order to do this form of marketing you need some online tools like Emailprogen Mail Sender Express Pro.

The Advantages of using Emailprogen's Mail Sender for Bulk Email Marketing
Mail Sender Express Pro bulk email sender is an efficient way to boost your sales and repute in the marketplace. It works effectively in enhancing your sales through email marketing. It helps you send promotional material to your prospective clients and win their trust. By using this product from Emailprogen, you can achieve success in online marketing. The benefits of using this bulk emailer for all your promotional activities are:
Verification of Email Addresses: This software verifies all the email addresses in the mailing list before sending out the mails. For that you have to click on 'Tools' and then, 'Email Validation' and it will check your email addresses for validity.

Checks Spam Content: SpamAssassin tool of this bulk email sender identifies any spam content in your email, and if there is such content it can be amended before sending the mails.

Scheduled Email Sending: You can schedule your mails to be sent later during the day, week or even a month using this feature.

Record of Sent Mails: You can keep a date-wise record of all your sent mails, which helps you check any discrepancy in case certain mail has been sent or not.

'Do Not Email' List: This bulk emailer helps you create a list of people to whom you do not want to send any mails. These can be the people who have unsubscribed from your mailing list or the like.

Adding Data in Email List: You can add dynamic content to your mailing list with this feature. Content such as First Name, Company, Address, Phone, Fax Number and more can be added to the list.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages of using Mail Sender Express Pro bulk email sender, there are some other features too! It eases the process of email group management. It also expedites bulk mails sending procedure, which means that it can send up to 50,000 emails per hour. This software also comes with professional-looking email templates to choose from. Therefore, Mail Sender Express Pro is the ultimate product to enhance your promotional strategies.
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